You can grow flowers from where dirt used to be

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I’m feeling so much better now and I truly want to thank you all for your dear messages! I wasn’t even able to answer them all and I’ll definetely try to do so by tomorrow! I’ve spent every single day with my best friend except for today which was a family day and I’ve felt better and stronger day by day. Friday eg was a real fun night, burrito night with three amazing friends (like oureyesarediamonds) and a great opportunity to regain some weight. I’m glad to be surrounded by such great persons like these and like you! Something that truly keeps me going! Thank you!

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20 000

I just realised that my post counter says 19 999, which made me come to the sudden realisation that my next post kind of hits a milestone. Thinking it has to be something special and not just another nature photograph, I decided to write a quick text post, basically telling you the one and most important thing:

Thank you!

Especially today, but ever since I started using tumblr, I realised that this site means community. We’re somewhat strangers and yet belong together. I joined back when tumblr’s first rule was so ”fight-clubbish”: We shall not talk about it. And now, 3.5 years later, I’m still here and so thankful so many people like you have been part of these years. You’ve been there for me in times like these, made me laugh and made me cry. Some became friends, some inspirations and some may retain strangers and still mean a lot to me. 

Thanks for sticking to me through 20 000 posts. Thank you for being my follower! You are wonderful!

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Remember how this close friend of mine canceled dinner yesterday because her foot was “compressed”? Yup, she was out instead and smart enough to post a picture of that on instagram. Love how my friends are so true to me and always on my side. Ladies and gentlemen, my two best friends. Applause!

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This week was such a pain in the ass. I totally hated my last test in my Politics class, my best friend hurted me very badly and didn’t even seem to care/realise, which is why I got way too drunk and threw up straight from Thursday until today morning. We haven’t had contact since. Then I planned having dinner with one of my closest friends tonight, which I really looked forward to and it was just canceled. Haven’t been this close to depression since two years ago.

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There are times, when I feel like hugging “child me” and telling her that I’m sorry that growing up isn’t as fantastic as she imagined it to be. I’m sorry for her bruises and for letting her optimism down. I’m sorry that she won’t grow up to be that wonderful, flawless person she once imagined to become some day. I’m sorry that sometime ago I came off track and forgot about that little girl’s dreams.

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Today is the day with the biggest to-do list ever, hence it is the last day of my holidays. Still, I’m sitting here, tumblering, playing candy crush, about to visit the first barbecue of the year at one of my best friends’ house. Well..

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Just realised that I’ve been to more Italian cities within less than a year than to German ones in my entire life… whaat?

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I’m so happy today, it’s not even normal.

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Just booked my tickets to Hamburg to see ‘The Lion King - Musical’ in two weeks!! 

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